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Self-Portrait Illustration by Clifton Powell Clifton Powell is a fine artist from Chesterfield, Virginia. Clifton always had an undying passion for drawing. As a child, he envied his dad who liked to draw sports cars on loose leaf paper. Clifton persistently tried to recreate the same images that he saw his dad draw, even if it meant drawing in class. In class the educators would say, "This information will be on your test so pay close attention", but, Clifton would be adding the final touches to his drawings to make them perfect. He clearly had his own priorities!

This behavior would follow him through elementary, middle, and some of high school, until his parents asked him what he was going to do for the rest of his life. As graduation neared he looked frantically for a way to make art his long term career. In 2000 he attended John Tyler for two years and acquired his Fine Arts Certificate with a portfolio strong enough to be accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University. Clifton graduated in 2007 with his Bachelors Degree in Painting & Printmaking only to put the pencil and paint brush aside and work as a valet to make a living.

In 2013, Clifton's passion for art resurfaced and grew more and more with each drawing. He drew from photographs until finally he was commissioned to draw a portrait of a little girl preparing for her Christening. That one piece snowballed in to more requests from people who admired his work.

Throughout his life, Clifton had no clue as to why he drew what he drew or why he painted what he painted, but gradually the mystery was revealed. He discovered his love for capturing the essence of a person or thing dear to someone or himself by rendering his objects with honesty. Clifton strives to observe what he sees and to render it honestly to achieve its true essence.

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